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About Us

DEAFMETAL® — Award Winning Hearing Aid Jewellery and Accessories

CREATED by Finnish Designer Jenni Ahtiainen

We are excited to offer the full range of DEAFMETAL®  jewellery and accessories for hearing aids, cochlear implant coils and headpieces across Australia and New Zealand. DEAFMETAL® AU is the Official Distributor and part of the global DEAFMETAL® network. Created by the talented Finnish fashion designer Jenni Ahtiainen, our range of hearing aid jewellery and accessories converts hearing devices into stunning individual fashion statements.


Unique, stylish and designed specifically for users of hearing devices, DEAFMETAL® transforms your hearing devices and  empowers you to express yourself with highly personalised pieces in an array of styles. You can mix and match your look, depending on the occasion, your mood or what you want to say. Just be yourself!


Apart from looking amazing our stunning designs and particularly our Safety chains and Rings also double as security for your devices, securing them so you don’t lose them. Great when wearing face masks1 Also a perfect solution for those who are physically active or play sport.


Our designs are pure silver and not silver plated. Our gold designs are micro-plated over pure silver ensuring you are not only receiving  an amazing look but a quality product. Our leather is genuine ethically produced and sustainable Finnish reindeer.


Our own DEAFMETAL® Australian Stone collection “My Hearing” hearing aid jewellery is a uniquely stunning natural design which is extremely functional and highly desirable.. Able to be attached to a cochlear implant processor, BTE (Behind The Ear) or RIC (Receiver in Canal) hearing device, our pieces give wearers added security by ensuring that your hearing device remains firmly in place at all times. Some of these designs can also be worn without attaching to any hearing devices and can be worn like normal jewellery. 

Hear From Our Creator, Jenni Ahtiainen


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