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Make a Statement

For Women

We design stunning, award-winning hearing aid jewellery for women of all ages. No matter the look you are after, there is a beautiful DEAFMETAL® AU piece for every occasion.


For Men

DEAFMETAL® AU takes men’s fashion in new directions with our range of hearing aid jewellery. Whether you’re going for a sophisticated look or cutting edge style, we have a piece for you.

Next Level Fun!

For Children

Kids who use hearing devices now have their own fun and exciting collection of hearing aid jewellery and decorative hats for cochlear implant coils and headpieces.


My Hearing Collection

Customers reviews

I just want to say, thank you for making your product. I started loosing my hearing 2 years ago at 20 and I have had a really difficuly relationship with my hearing aids and their 'old lady' look. I am so happy that I now found a away to make them look cool.
Deafmetalist from Poland
You are a hero for your creations. Your story is exactly how my journey has been. I wear cute glasses, why am I so embarrassed of my hearing aids?
Deafmetalist from USA
I am so freaking excited about this! I just shaved my head and I've been so very self concous about my hearing aids showing. Before my hair would cover. But these are so perfect for me to be the badass, shaved head, tattooed chick that I am!
Deafmetalist from USA


DEAFMETAL®acknowledges the Traditional Owners of this Country and their continued connection to the lands, waters, and communities.


DEAFMETAL®would like to pay their respects to the Traditional Custodians for their resilience and strength of Elders past, present, and future.


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